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Benefits of Valet Trash

Valet Trash – Voted #1 Amenity

Valet trash is a convenient service where residents place their trash container outside their door and a 3rd party company comes at the scheduled service time to pick it up. Another name for this amenity is doorstep trash collection.  This service has not only been ranked as the #1 voted amenity but it's also a service that every resident and community benefits from. Let's dive deeper and learn about some more advantages valet trash provides to apartment/multifamily communities.  

The Benefits

1. Modern Day Convenience

Let's face it, our lives are busier than ever before. Who has time to walk the trash bag to the compactor? It's often a scary and dark place (trust us, we know!) and instead of subjecting your residents to an unpleasant experience, have our team do the dirty work while your residents enjoy their apartment home.

2. Recycling Just Got Easier

Speaking of convenience, going green is a very important initiative not just for Xelda Company, but around the world as well. However, we believe that if recycling was made easy everyone would do it. All of our valet trash customers receive a free recycling program. Our team collects the recycling items in a clear or blue bag, once per week.

3. Increase Property Value

Valet trash is a popular amenity not only for its convenience but also because it generates ancillary revenue back to the property. Valet trash has become a no-brainer service as it keeps the property clean and add value 


4. Waste-Free Community

Keeping the grounds of the community clean is just as important as keeping the apartment homes clean. We help incentivize residents to take our trash by simply placing it outside their door. The more trash that piles up inside the unit, the more pests and unpleasant smells that appear (what a harmful way to turn off prospects touring the community). Hire Xelda Company to collect doorstep trash, keep the grounds clean, and we'll pressure wash your hallways too!

Modern Day Convenience
Easy Recycling
Increase Property Value
Waste-Free Property
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