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Valet Trash

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How It Works


What is valet trash?

Valet trash (also known as doorstep trash collection) is a convenient amenity that is offered by multifamily (apartment) communities to their residents. An apartment community hires a 3rd party vendor (like Xelda Company) to provide this service. Residents place their trash can outside their door (in a tied bag, inside a container), then a valet trash company collects it from their door. This service usually occurs 5 times a week.

Why do I need valet trash?

Having a valet trash service means that trash is constantly moving from inside the unit and into the compactor. It encourages residents to keep their homes and communities clean. An added benefit for management and ownership is the ancillary revenue stream that it provides. Valet trash is charged a monthly fee to the resident.


Additionally, valet trash has become an industry-standard amenity. Most multifamily communities offer this service, therefore, it is now an expectation from residents when choosing to lease.

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