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Music Festival

Event Cleanup

We pick up the trash, you leave when you want. 
Picking Up Litter

A true story

It's 10:00 PM, the event is over. Over 10,000 guests were in attendance. Everyone clears out and while you're basking in the success, now you're left with a huge mess. Who's going to pick up all those beer bottles, chicken wings, oh and don't forget the confetti?

Cleaning up the trash after an event can be daunting. Have no fear, let Xelda do the heavy lifting before, during, and after the event. Trash cans included 😉

What are you waiting for?

Trash Picking


Professional, experienced clean team ready to serve your event and your guests.

Trash Can Icon

trash cans

We supply the trash cans and the trash bags so you don't have to. Clients must have an on-site dumpster.

custom proposal

All of our proposals are completely custom to fit the needs of your event. No event is the same and neither is our pricing.

Say good-bye to late-night cleanups.

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